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Advice for Tenants

Tenant Overview

At Merrifield we believe it all starts with having the right expectations about what to receive during the property management process. ALL Merrifield tenants receive a ‘Tenant Handbook’ on leasing a property through our company. This handbook is very extensive and covers everything you will need to know during the life of the tenancy agreement.

To assist you our readers and to provide you with some indication of the types of information contained in our tenant handbook, we provide the following extracts from our handbook for your information and assistance.

  • during_your_tenancy – misplaced key, periodic and maintenance inspections, trouble shooting cleaning guide, sub letting, renting a strata titled property, fire and general safety issues.
  • reporting_repairs – emergency repairs, reporting general repairs, trouble shooting repairs guide.
  • ending_your_tenancy – getting ready for the final inspection, getting your bond back quickly, giving written notice.

Selecting any of the above links will download a PDF of the various items in the relevant section. We hope you find the information useful and look forward to seeing you soon.