Merrifield Real Estate is one of Albany’s longest running and highly successful Real Estate companies, the company having been established in 1934. We have pride in our business and always strive to provide both professional service and up to date knowledge to achieve the best possible results for all our clients.

Our well informed and energetic team at Merrifield Real Estate specialise in all areas of buying and selling residential properties, rural land, developments and commercial businesses.  We also have one of Albany’s most awarded management teams running an extremely successful property management portfolio managing residential, commercial and strata properties.

Who Are We

Merrifield Real Estate was established in 1934 and since its inception grown to become one of Albany’s most respected real estate sales and property management companies in the Great Southern. We have an acknowledged record of achievement for our clients and are proud to be a wholly Albany owned and operated company.

Thanks to our dedicated team and the special relationship we have with many of our clients, we enjoy a high proportion of repeat business and do not find it strange to have helped parents, their children and even their grandchildren achieve their real estate dreams. Excellence to service and reputation are important to our business and assist us in constantly achieving higher results for our clients.

What We Believe

We believe that clients need more from their property professional today than just good technical skills and a polished story in order to achieve the best property outcome.

Clients need a professional who continually researches the market beyond merely property sales and the rental market, property professionals must look deeper into factors such as – the regional economics, politics and the infrastructure trends impacting on the property markets.  They must also consider technical, regulatory and legal considerations affecting the property market and focus on strategies that achieve specific objectives for their clients.

We believe that our clients are entitled to the highest standards of service and care, each client is a special individual to be respected.

The Company Today

Our people are our major asset and we believe we have the best. Their results prove that they know their business, work hard to achieve top results for their clients and are not prone to exaggeration or false promises. Put simply they are dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcomes for their clients in the shortest possible time with the least possible inconvenience.

Our experience covers general residential real estate sales and property management, rural and special rural property sales, commercial and industrial sales, leasing and business sales.

Whilst we remain proudly independent, we are also long established members of REIWA, WACCI and ACCI.

With a large stable team of professionals based in Albany accessing local, national and international business networks, staff development and new technologies, we believe we are ideally placed to guarantee the highest level of service YOU as a client deserve.

How We Behave

In all our interactions with our clients, their families, customers, business associates and colleagues, we seek to deal with others, as we would have them deal with us. We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in the way we treat each other and by the example we set for one another.

  • We deliver what we promise
  • We engage positively and professionally
  • We will often ask questions to gain clarity and accountability
  • We invite opinion and respect others views