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Advice for Landlords

Landlord Overview

At Merrifield Real Estate, we pride ourselves on the level of advice, research, service and support we provide to Landlords. Unlike many real estate agencies, which occasionally provide property management services to some of their clients as a sideline to their primary business which is SELLING PROPERTY, at Merrifield, we have an entire Property Management Department which are focused and work solely in this one section of the real estate industry.

Our Property Management Team’s primary purpose is to ensure that your property achieves its maximum return to you – the landlord and investor. We recognise that time is money and therefore have well developed work processes in place to make certain that you are not inconvenienced nor distracted from the primary task of achieving the maximum return from your investment.

Because we specialise in Property Management, we have taken the time and effort to document ALL our work practices, services, standards and fees relating to our management of your investment property and are the only real estate agent in Albany that provides its Landlords with a copy of this documentation, which is titled the ‘Property Owners Handbook’. The handbook provides ALL the information a landlord might require during the life of our management of your investment property, including information regarding the tenancy laws, how we select and manage potential tenants for your property, maintenance advice and much, much more.

If you would like further information or to discuss your investment property PLEASE feel free to contact our helpful Property Management Team on (08) 9841 4022.

Looking at buying an Investment Property, or looking for a new property manager?

Then call either Lisa Dunham on 0417 750 425 or Liz Duncan on 0407 423 712 or contact a member of the Property Management Team on (08) 9841 4022.

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  • We lease your property faster and make you more money
  • We make sure your property is kept to a very high standard
  • We proactively manage your property


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