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Selling Tips

Selling a property, especially when it has been a family home for many years, can be an emotional experience for the seller. This is in part due to the selling process itself … legal forms to sign, technical and marketing information to understand and important decisions to be made. Many of us also associate important memories and events with our homes or properties … it’s where our children grew up, it’s where we held our daughter’s engagement party or maybe even, it’s where we began our first business venture together.

At Merrifield Real Estate we understand the emotional strains which sellers sometimes face. We are always there to help by providing professional advice and striving to achieve the best result possible for you through the entire sales process. We want the sale of your property to be a happy event which you can add to your memories and reminisce over with joy rather than disappointment.

Here are some of the things which will ensure that the sale of your property results in a successful outcome for you.

Price your property correctly for the market and for its features, size, location and potential

Having an unrealistic expectation of your property’s value can be very harmful to the potential sale of the property as well as upsetting your selling experience. It is an unfortunate but simple fact … prospective buyers will simply ignore your property, if they perceive it to be overpriced for the current market, its location, size and features. It is therefore essential that you get the price correct from the very beginning, as no amount of marketing will sell a property which is incorrectly priced.

Be informed

Although a reputable real estate agent is the most appropriate person to provide you with unbiased advice regarding the sale of your property and its true value in the market place, it always pays to be informed. Do some research for yourself, looking at similar properties to your own, be that online, in the newspaper or in the shop-front windows of the numerous real estate agents. Look for properties that are similar to your own, matching location, size and features. This process will give you a realistic view of the market and the potential value of the property.

Ensure that your property is presented to the best of its potential

First impressions are often the most lasting with potential buyers. At Merrifield Real Estate we provide all our clients with a detailed list of simple tasks they can undertaken around their property to ensure that your property is presented at its best.

Some of these tips are:

•  Give the front and back garden a tidy up,
•  Make the interior inviting and spacious by putting away any excess clutter,
•  Replace broken light globes and washers in any leaking taps,
•  Clean bathroom/s and toilet/s,
•  Vacuum carpets and sweep the floors.

Be active in the process

Be excited about selling your property and tell all your family, friends and work colleagues. Although a good real estate agent will always market your property appropriately, with relevant advertising, pictures, words and buyer inspections, to achieve a sale, you never really know where a potential buyer may come from. It is our experience that many buyers turn out to be acquaintances of the seller’s family and friends.

Employ an expert

Use a licensed real estate agent who can provide appropriate advice and guide you through the entire sales process. At Merrifield Real Estate our team has both knowledge and practical experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. We provide our clients with up-to-date information, research and marketing trends to ensure that your property always stands out from the crowd and our helpful staff are always able to provide real solutions to your important questions.

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