The importance of residential or commercial property managers has never been so crucial then in today’s environment. With the landscape of the real estate industry changing it means that nothing ever stands still and property managers seem to cop the brunt of any regulation changes. So as an owner how can you best assist them. Here are some tips:

  • Reply to communication quickly – Property managers are busy people dealing with a variety of tasks. By responding quickly your queries can be addressed sooner. By not responding quickly it can cost time, money and frustration for all parties involved.
  • Make a decision – Yes take in the facts & ask questions but taking forever to make a decision only compounds the issue and can leave tenants disgruntled
  • Completing maintenance – Not doing anything often leads to bigger and more problems in the long run. Best to deal with it. Your tenants will appreciate it and your property manager can get on with the job of arranging it.
  • Landlords Insurance – Make sure this is with a reputable company. If unforeseen circumstances happen having a good landlord’s policy in place makes arranging a claim so much easier.
  • Records – If you change your postal address or contact details advise your property manager. Simple but easy.
  • Return documents – The longer a document sits on your desk the more time it wastes in property managers having to follow up. Receive, read, ask any questions, sign and return and most of all don’t miss any signatures or initials. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to send the same document back for signing.

Remember your property manager is an asset so assist her and it will help everyone in the long run including you the owner.