It’s been a crazy year that’s for sure and nothing like we’ve ever seen before. How long will it continue? Goodness knows but what I do know is that it has thrown a spanner in the works for sure. And when things are uncertain people tend to go a little nuts. What we are seeing is people with frustration taking it out on people just doing their job. I’ve spoken to a variety of business owners in the last month and it’s not just our industry. It’s every industry.


So let’s take the real estate industry. Currently there is a tight rental market in Albany and across WA with vacancy rates below 1%. And what we are seeing are some people are panicking and desperate and this is because of the decisions they make. Buyers are trying to get into houses sooner, organise removalists for settlement and don’t have contingencies if there is a delay or sign a legally binding contract then have all these additional expectations outside of the contract because of the decisions they make. Owners are pushing trades people to get things done even though there is a current shortage of trades people, builders are being asked by buyers to start homes quicker because of decisions they make. It’s time people start taking responsibility for their own decisions.


Where I am going with this is that you are responsible for your own actions and decisions and that it’s time people start to think about others involved in the process. The people you are working with are just trying to do their job, make a living, putting a roof over their head for their families. We have no idea what is going on in that person’s life ( it could be anything like a family health issue, financial pressure, child being bullied at school the list goes on ) and if this Covid period has taught us anything is that we need to be looking after each other even more. People’s mental health is more important than ever before.


So next time you’re frustrated, stuck, angry and annoyed,take a deep breath, take a minute to think and consider others. Taking it out on the person you’re speaking with isn’t the answer. In fact it’s probably going to do the opposite and won’t get you very far at all. Time is precious and what you think is a big deal probably really isn’t in the grand scheme of things.  Treat others how you want to be treated and hopefully the lessons out of this pandemic will get through to people so that have more understanding of others.  So when your one of a dozen people applying for a rental property or a buyer wanting to view a property for sale urgently or a potential tenant needing a commercial property yesterday, stop and spare a thought for those involved. It’s time that we all had a little perspective on things and show some gratitude because you know what, time is ticking and you can’t get back time.


By Jeremy Stewart