Recently we have seen many upgrades to our wonderful city in time for ANZAC celebrations. New paving, painting of buildings, planting between medium strips, pressure cleaning of pavement, Stirling Terrace upgrade and even a brand new centre square just to name a few that have made Albany look a hundred times better then previous.

So we have seen a change in the town and many people that I speak with are very proud of what has been achieved over the last 12 months. So my question is what will Albany be like in 5 – 10 years time and how will it change. Will there be new suburbs? Will we see multi storey developments? What major industries will be here and wont be here? All make for interesting conversation over a coffee or the dinner table. If Albany has changed in the last 12 months what changes have to happen to make us an even better place?

After the heavy consultation over the last few years and the adoption of the Local Planning Strategy 1 back in April this year there is a clear planning strategy in place regarding development, housing and infill.It has ultimately changed the way Albany will be developed and the look of the town. Forums planned for next year will also cover topics that will have a say on the future of Albany. So now’s the time to have the conversation so when the time comes you get an opportunity to have input and share your thoughts, ideas & concepts to make Albany and even better place.