You have decided to sell your house, you select an agent and they start work on marketing, advertising and selling your home. It’s during this time that it’s important to take on board what your agent is advising you and the direction to take. With inspections your going to get both positive & negative feedback on your property depending on the condition of it and on the buyers opinion and their expectations. Embrace this and trust that your agent is doing the right thing. You have selected them for a reason so work in consultation with them to get you the best result.

It’s important to remember that the final price is determined by the seller and the buyer agreeing on a price. That is what the market value is not what it was appraised or valued at previous years ago or when you purchased it. The market conditions and economic drivers are very different now and change all the time. While you may want a certain figure to cover costs or a mortgage for example, it doesn’t mean that your property is worth that.

So take on board what your agent is telling you and it will hopefully lead to a quicker result so you can move on to your next phase or purchase.