“Kyle helped me as a buyer and gave me the heads up on upcoming properties so I could get in early in a hot market. Kyle was patient as I tossed up the different options and worked out what I wanted, gave me some good advice, not always buy or offer more – Honest enough to even say “Mate I think you’re offering more than fair value price and if they don’t bite then good luck to them” on a house i ended up letting go. He then found me a house in the dream town CBD location, went for a look and it was a sold period house in need of some love and a family to make it a home. It was exactly what I wanted, offer in & accepted, happy days! Couple of niggles with the owner who didn’t make good on some minor fixes I probably should have just put in the contract for peace of mind but they weren’t show stoppers and a lesson learned for me there. Kyle was pretty straighgt up with me about how the owner was responding so can’t really fault him on it either, just a  trap for young buyers. “