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At Merrifield Real Estate we believe that providing our clients with up to date and current information is a vital part of our business. It not only allows us to impart better understanding of the real estate industry in general and the buying, selling and renting processes but it can also allow us to create a dialogue with our clients so we can better understand their individual and specific real estate needs.

In this section you will find various areas of information which may be of assistance to you and help you through the renting, buying or selling aspects of the real estate industry.

As you can appreciate, much of the information and advice provided in this section is of a general nature. If you intend to rely on any information contained in this section or in any other part of our website in general, we suggest that you always talk to one of our real estate professionals. A one on one discussion be it in person or on the telephone, allows us to expand and clarify the information contained in our website and tailor advice specifically to your particular circumstances.

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