Real Estate is a really diverse industry and there is a lot different job opportunities within real estate that you might like to consider as a career.
Obviously sales representative which is what I do as well as a number of others in my office. So that is selling houses and that side of things.

There is also opportunities which exist through residential property management which is looking after landlords properties, very challenging role and a very thankless role but I am lucky I have a great team that does all that. So there is opportunities there to learn about residential property management and forge a career. Commercial management which is more around leasing with warehouse, retail or business space and the like.

And then other niche areas such as selling businesses, selling rural property being anything from small acreage to broadacre property and then you might like to move into Strata property which is something again very different and very specialised.

Apart from that you are looking at general administration, trust accounting. So about 8 or 9 different roles that can be completed if you are considering real estate as career.
The REIWA website is a really good place to go to get general information or come and have a chat to us at Merrifield Real Estate and we can talk more about it.