When bringing a property to market one of the most important things you need to get right is first impressions. As a seller you only get one chance to impress a buyer first up, so you need to get it right from the beginning. Having a great street appearance is crucial because most buyers will want to do a drive by first before arranging an inspection. A few simple things you can do to help are like the following:

De clutter as this allows you to show the space of the home and property while allowing the buyers to visualise where their furniture and belongs will go. Cut back overhanging trees or branches from boundary fencing, have clean guttering so there are no weeds or leaves in them, remove cobwebs from windows and patio areas, make sure the lawns are mowed with the edging trimmed along with having garden beds mulched and free from weeds.

The general appearance should be tidy with rubbish bins out of street site is another advantage. Having the property presented in the best light allows for good photography to be taken and used in marketing especially on websites which is where majority of the buyer enquiry comes from.

It can be a challenge having a property presented well especially if you have young kids or pets however it gives yourself the best chance of getting a sale, so completing the above is a must.