Selling Houses Australia, Love it or List It, The Block. The list goes on of TV shows that has captured the attention of Australian population. Property is an interest to a lot of people in this country and they can’t get enough of watching these shows. But what can we learn about the changes they make?  Pretty simple is that presentation of homes is the key to achieve maximum results. So, what do they start out with? They de-clutter the house and use nice simple furniture when remodeling the home. Neutral colours are used throughout rather than outrageous feature walls. Even the flooring has modern updated colours whether it’s vinyl, carpet or tiles. Majority of the work done is cosmetic rather the structure.

Floor plans are important, and most buyers want open plan living today so create as much space as possible. Spend time getting kitchens & bathrooms right. These are key areas of the house that people spend a lot of time in. Today’s people are time poor so make things easy.  First impressions count so get the outside of your property looking amazing otherwise you can forget how good inside looks as you won’t even get people in the front door. Mow the lawns, edge the paths, don’t have overgrown plants, mulch the gardens, add some colour with creative planting, pressure clean pavers or roof tiles, get rid of useless features and keep it simple. Once again nice clean colours to give it street appeal will get attention. You want to the best property in the street not known as the worst property in the street.

It’s really not rocket science, but you would be amazed at the amount of property owners that expect top dollar or can’t sell their properties due to presentation. So, if you are thinking of selling, why don’t you tune in to some of these shows and learn how the experts do things. Education is the key and as I say, if you’re not prepared to learn then how can you expect to get a different result.