As with all markets there are peaks periods and softer selling times. This generally flux awaits with the seasons. So, what opinions do you have if your property has been on the market for a while but hasn’t sold coming into a traditionally quieter period like winter. Well first of all, you can’t sell a secret so if you really want to sell then your property needs to be on the market. You may decide that you need to adjust your price so that you have a better chance of finding that buyer. And there is a 3rd option which a lot of owners consider as a strategy which is leased to sell.

Lease to sell when you actually take the property off the market, look at leasing your property say on a 6 – 12-month lease and then bring your property back to market in the summer or better months. It’s not popular amongst potential tenants however the benefit for the owner is that it brings in income, offers possible tax deductions and may allow you to achieve the price you need to get in a better selling time. Of course, it depends on your circumstances and it’s not for everyone especially owner occupiers. However, it is food for thought and good to know that there is more than a couple of options available. To learn more about this contact one of our experienced sales representatives.