Deciding who to select for a real estate agent you are going to come to a decision with regards to whether you are going with what is called an exclusive agent, joint exclusive agent or an open listing authority. I will explain the difference for the sellers out there that are considering bringing their property to market.

An exclusive agent is where you are selecting one agent for a length of time to conduct your business exclusively. A joint agency is where you will select 2 agents to be involved and they will work exclusively for you. And then there is also an open listing which means you are going to list it with every agency for instance in Albany here.

The benefit of having an exclusive agent is that you only have to solely deal with them direct. Any agent can sell any other property in Albany or any other suburb matter of fact, it is what we call a conjunctional in the industry.

So, there is no benefit to having an open listing you are way better off having an exclusive listing working with that agent, building a good relationship with that agent and working hard to get a great result.

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