For those that know me, you’ll know that I am a sports lover. Anything with a bat or ball, I share an interest in. Cricket’s my thing and has been from a young age. Some will say it’s boring and like watching grass grow, others just can’t get enough of it. I’m the latter.  And so, it got me thinking about what traits salespeople have in common with those that come from a sporting background. Interestingly I’ve noticed that several ex professional sportspeople when they finish their sporting career, go into real estate and generally succeed. There are also every day normal people that play amateur sport that are great salespeople as well. So why is this so? The answer in my opinion is within the character traits and skill set of the individual.

Both require discipline, long hours with many hours on your own at various times of evenings, mornings and weekends, Training, teamwork, loyalty, skills development, determination, repetition, positive attitudes, the ability to play the long game, problem solving, effort, communication, competitive nature and so many more skills to name. There are so many traits that are similar when you break it down, which may explain why people from a sporting background generally go well in sales from what I can see.

I know from my personal experience that having grown up with sports all around me, that when I first entered real estate as a sales agent way back in 2003 that it really helped me with my career. It gave me a platform and confidence to launch from as I’d been known in the community to a degree when starting out a new career. The skills I’d learnt from coaches and mentors along the way made me a better salesperson. To be honest I probably didn’t realise it at the time but looking back now, I certainly do know that it helped.

So, if you are looking at hiring a salesperson no matter what sales industry you’re in, maybe the sporting field could be somewhere to look. That person could be the person you’re missing. You may be out supporting your daughter at netball or your son at a hockey tournament and subconsciously not know that an ideal candidate could be right in front of your eyes.

I’m also not saying that you have to be a sportsperson to be a good sales agent. What I am saying is that it certainly opens more opportunities and networks from my experience. And that in the world of selling can’t be a bad thing.

By Jeremy Stewart – Director