Looking for property and seeing a million signs. Who do I contact I hear you say? I don’t want to leave my details with 10 different agents and be hassled. It’s a common comment we hear all the time. Did you know that you don’t have to deal with a heap of different agents and that you can select ONE agent and only deal with them. So here is how it works. If you deal with one agent, they can show you through ANY property listed for sale. That’s provided you haven’t made contact or had dealings with that companies listing rep or staff otherwise they will classify you as there client. That even includes going through home opens and leaving your details so be mindful of this if your just driving past and think it’s a good idea to just “pop in”.

It’s what we call a conjunctional in the industry and the one agent acts for you during the buying process. They help you with the negotiation and go right through the whole process as per normal till the handing over of the keys at settlement.

So how does your agent get paid? Part of the listing reps fee goes to the selling agents office. This is all done internally and is a percentage of the final sale price. There are no costs to the buyer. So there you go. You can go out select one agent and deal with them for the whole transaction and until they find you a property. No matter which agents listing.