All the talk at the moment is about Anzac which is what you would expect in celebrating a 100 year anniversary. But what impact is it going to have on the Albany and the property market. We have already seen numerous amounts of property that have flown onto the market in the last 6 – 8 weeks in anticipation of 60,000 plus people hitting the town this week. This will potentially gain extra exposure to property that doesn’t normally receive, but what will be the aftermath once it is all over?

If as expected it all goes well, we will receive publicity highlighting what a great region we have, what’s on offer and what a truly great place it is to live. This will in the short term get people thinking about moving here especially if they haven’t been before and were thinking about a lifestyle change but I expect the true indication of the effect of Anzac on the property market to be in the following 3 – 18 months after everything has settled down and people get chance to reflect on their experience.

It is our time in the spotlight to honor the veterans and people that have given up so much so that we have what we have today. With state, national and international coverage that we normally don’t see then provided this is done well, Albany will finally be put on the map as a world class destination, a place that people can safely call home in years to come and most importantly has a historical place in our nation’s history.