My name is Davynka Moss and I am a mother of 3 boys, happy wife, Albany local and licensed Settlement Agent.   I started the business on my own in 2005 and it has now grown to a team of 7 at our new location of 12 Aberdeen Street, Albany.

Buying and selling property is the biggest financial decision most of us will ever make so good communication between your Real Estate Agent and your Settlement Agent is imperative to ensuring a smooth, quick, and easy transaction.

Settlement is the important final stage when buying or selling a property.  You will be asked by your Real Estate Agent to nominate a Settlement Agent (also known as Conveyancer) at the point when you sign an Offer and Acceptance. The role of a Settlement Agent is to arrange the legal transfer of title, and clear or ensure any debts associated with the property are cleared at settlement. Your Settlement Agent will work hand in hand with your Real Estate Agent to also ensure all conditions to the sale are met such as Finance Approval, Termite Reports or Building Inspections.

Once a Contract is signed, your Real Estate Agent will send a copy of this, your details, and formal instructions through to your nominated Settlement Agent. Your Settlement Agent who will then reach out to you to advise you of the process going forward. There will be more paperwork to complete with your Settlement Agent as well as having your identity verified.  The Real Estate Agent maintains contact with your Settlement Agent as the conditions to the Contract are met.

In the lead up to settlement your Settlement Agent will keep both your Real Estate Agent, and yourself, informed of what we are doing, and what we expect you to do.  We will also confirm once the settlement has been arranged. If there are delays with settlement you could have to pay penalty interest, or you could be entitled to compensation, so it is important to ensure that everything is completed as soon as possible.

On the actual day of settlement your Settlement Agent will notify your Real Estate Agent once it has been completed. Your Real Estate Agent will then make arrangements with you to complete the handover of the keys.

Buying or Selling real estate need not be stressful when you have the best team on board. Choosing a Settlement Agent that is prepared to work hand in hand with your Real Estate Agent will go a long way in ensuring that your settlement occurs on time and hassle free!