When people foremost think real estate they think property which is fair enough. But in reality our job is not just selling houses, land or buildings but the areas, the city & the region we live in.

Things like schools, café’s, transport facilities, sporting areas, beaches & fishing spots, wineries, shopping centres are just some of the things that buyers like to take into consideration when choosing an area to live in and where they want to live.

Our job is also selling the region, the lifestyle & what we have to offer. I regularly get asked on these topics when a buyer is looking at purchasing.

These things are what makes Albany, Albany. We have a lot to be greatful for and plenty of things to see and do for all ages right here on the south coast. And that’s what makes the region attractive for new buyers to move here which is why we are seeing a sway of buyers from out of the region call Albany home.

Yes we may not have everything but even Perth and other capital cities don’t have everything. We have a lot to offer that other places don’t which is what makes Albany unique in a way.

With ANZAC putting Albany on the national stage later in the year the region will be showcased even more. That’s exciting and with our history, what we have to offer and wonderful lifestyle it is something to be proud of that everyone here can promote.

I for one am proud to call Albany home. And others are now realising that to.