A question I recently got asked which I found interesting was from a buyer who was trying to work out what is best to purchase either a house or a unit here in Albany. Well both have their advantages and disadvantages but it really depends on what you think will suit your property strategy best.

So let’s take a look at units. They are low maintenance, easy care, less cleaning involved, generally set in a complex with others, suit older demographic or singles and most of the time you will find them close to town and public transport. On the flip side you may be in a strata complex which could attract strata levies, have restrictions like being only over 55’s, may not allow pets, they could be dated and have little yard space or room for entertaining & parking.

If you look at a house you will find you have a bigger residence on most occasions, extra land, room for extensions and multiply vehicles, ideal for kids and pets to run around in, likelihood of higher rental returns should you decide to lease and more choice in the marketplace. Though you’re up against extra maintenance as there is more building to look after, time cleaning, higher costs in rates and charges and more competition should you want to sell in the future.

As I have highlighted above both have pros and cons but it really comes down to what reasons you’re purchasing for and your future plans for the property. Houses suit some buyers while units suit others. Either way having the choice is a great position to be in when purchasing.