“Lee Stonell, agent extraordinaire , was recommended to me by a good and trusted friend, himself experienced in property and a shrewd assessor of character and capacity. His recommendation was a God-send.

Lee is a person of high integrity, sound experience and with great ability.  She is affable, empathetic and fair to both sides of any transaction, fostering a deal that both parties are very happy with. Lee regularly and competently communicated  with all the parties participating in the sale process, those behind the scene as well as the main actors. Sometimes she calmly reminded people; sometimes she respectfully pushed. In my case, living in Perth, it was a boon to have great confidence in Lee keen sense of property value and market conditions. Clients certainly benefit from her helping them stay with the bounds of reality.  I very much valued her sound advice. Lee engaged with 35 potential buyers for this property, arranging inspections, and accurately responding to any issues or concerns.  Her flexible, stress-free modus operandi  is a great benefit.

I observed that Lee is able to efficiently and effectively facilitate the processes needed by the multiple ancillary parties including lenders, settlement and any other real estate agencies, and tradespeople. She encouraged patience and wisdom  when the finance path for the agreed buyers became briefly a bit bumpy. It was important to me that this tourist strata property be sold to folk who, as good neighbours, would be a blessing to the strata, increasing its pool of skill, experience and knowledge. Lee was able to foster and support the buyers through the short-term delays so both the price and the intangible objective were achieved. It was a very satisfying, fun process overall and we got to a good resolution and sale.

I am very pleased and thankful for my friend’s excellent recommendation. Lee was everything as a person and an agent that he spoke of, and more. Thank you Lee. Your mission statement is a true representation of your work and way. I am looking forward to you soon working on the next property sale for me!

May you thrive greatly and be a blessing to many.”