Kevin Marshall was a joy to have as our Real Estate salesman. Moving and selling houses is rated third in the hierarchy of stressful things we do in our life time. He kept the sale process simple and with his sense of humour it was an enjoyable journey.

Most of us have an emotional connection to our homes and at times put that emotion into the price we want for them. This may put your house on the market but not in the market because we tend to over price them. Kevin was excellent with his advise of many years of experience at knowing what the real market price should be. His manner and honesty help us understand this and created interest from buyers. Without this advise the selling process may be still going on today. The lesson learned is to sell a house it needs to be in the market not just on it.

Kevin kept us in the communication loop constantly from day one. The advertising presented from Kevin’s team was nothing but exceptional. Through the local papers, the internet and from the display in the window of the agency.

Kevin also has the ability to keep a healthy balance in representing the seller and buyer hence his excellent rate of returning clients.

If you are going to sell your home I would highly recommend Kevin Marshall.