We walked in off the street into your York street office looking for a second opinion appraisal of our property in preparation to sell.  Lee happened to be in the office at the time.  We were very grateful that Lee was free to talk to us because we have since had a wonderful experience working with her.


Lee made time to meet with us the very next day.  She spent much time with us, answering all questions clearly and respectfully, which we really appreciated, given that it was Friday night.  Lee was genuinely interested in the improvements we had made to our property and took her time in inspecting it before offering her appraisal.  Given that this was our home, our pride and joy, we really appreciated the time and care she took with this.  We asked Lee for her advice regarding any further improvements we should make to our property before listing.  We were very grateful for the gentle and tactful was she advised us to repaint a wall (which we did).  Following this meeting we had no hesitation in signing with Lee.


From that point on, Lee was clearly working hard on our behalf.  Our home sold on the evening of our first Home Open.  We understand that she really negotiated on our behalf, securing an excellent offer.  Again, she made the time straight away to meet with us to present the offer (on a Saturday night), taking as much time as we needed to talk things through with us so that we felt comfortable in our decision to accept the offer.  We feel that Lee’s excellent interaction skills combined with her expert photography and advertising that she arranged contributed to the quick sale of our property at a good price.  We remembered meeting Lee as potential buyers at a few local Home opens about two years previously and recalled her friendly and personable manner from then.


The period between offer and settlement was very smooth for us as Lee took care of everything, keeping in touch to let us know how things were progressing and what we needed to do.  During this time we were interested in two houses in Perth but the listing agents of those properties did not feel trustworthy to us.  Both times we were able to call Lee and ask her questions about the process of placing offers, knowing that she would be both willing and knowledgeable.  This allowed us to proceed with much more confidence.


Over the past four years we have viewed literally hundreds of properties in Perth and Albany.  We have made several offers, bought three houses, sold two and rented one through an agency.  As such we have interacted with many different real estate agents.  None of these agents has demonstrated anywhere near the same level of genuine care, commitment and communication skills as Lee.


We have the highest opinion of Lee as a real estate agent.  She was consistently professional and dedicated and acted with much integrity in her work for us.  She was always available when we needed her and we found her friendly manner a real pleasure.  She consistently gave us sound advice and we were obviously delighted with the outcome of our sale.  We have been recommending her to all our friends and we hope that she received the industry recognition that she deserves.