Online, in newspapers, on TV, basically everywhere across media its reporting doom and gloom across most sectors including housing. WA has had their fair share of this being so associated with mining, big government debts and over supplies of housing stock. There is no doubting that markets have declined with uncertainly about interest rate rises in the USA, lower growth rates in China, the Australian dollar being lower than previous which has affected importing & exporting, tourism as such, slowdowns in mining along with reduced commodity prices and plenty of other factors that I could list.

But you can choose to look at it either of two ways being that it’s either going to get worse and everything is going to collapse, or you can be positive about it and look at the boundless number of opportunities there are. The thing about property is that people always need a roof over the head whether it be a tenant needing to get into a rental, a family needing to provide a home for their kids, aged care or unit property for the elderly, a commercial property for a business to operate.

Cycles happen you only have to look at history to show you that and if everyone had a crystal ball to predict what was going to happen then I wouldn’t need to be writing this column. It really does come back to how you look at things. Is the glass half full or half empty? Only you know that and what you believe in.