Spring is well and truly underway and it’s great to see a pickup in enquiry and interest in the real estate market. The last few weeks has seen a lot more activity from buyers looking to enter the marketplace. Certainly, the back end of July, through August and early Sept the local market was pretty quiet through all sectors but now that school holidays are here, that people are returning from up north and the weather is better we start to see more activity again. This pattern I have seen each year for a long time so it’s no surprise that this is how it runs.

Agents start getting more appraisals requests which start to happen which intern leads to more listings and new properties hitting the market. People’s decision making starts to factor in things like schooling next year if they have kids, job security & potential transfers depending what industry you’re in, Christmas and the new year period along with retiree’s being away and coming back making decisions about life choices. You then also see investors deciding is now the right now to purchase or landlords in some case deciding to sell so they can go onto there next phase of their life.

Indicators show building and construction have been going extremely well for well over 12 months now especially in the residential sector with approvals at the best rates for over 5 years. That is a good indicator of confidence in the local area which has massive flow on effects for everyone in the business community. And an active marketplace is good start to spring.