As we approach the end of another year, I hear you say to yourself where did the last 12 months go! And what a crazy 12 months we’ve had in real estate and across the world. The thing about the end of the year is that it gives you a chance to clear your head, review the year just gone and then plan your goals for the next 12 months. Part of that planning maybe around your lifestyle, job, location, kids and current living arrangements. With property a key element in all of that, what’s your priority? Are you considering upgrading or downsizing your home, taking on a renovation, buying an investment property or buying some land and building? Or are you looking to sell & capitalise on the strong real estate market? If so, what do you do with the funds after you’ve sold and hopefully paid out debts? Are you a tenant and worried about long term longevity of leasing, especially in the current rental market, or do you save up for a deposit to buy a property? Can you afford a property in a rising market?


There are a million questions from every angle you take no matter what position you’re in or stage of life you’re at. And while it might seem overwhelming, what you need to do is actually start writing things down.  “So where do I start?” you say because quite often the first step is the hardest. First thing to remember is there is no right way or wrong way to go about it nor does anyone have a crystal ball (i.e. remember all the economists predicting 30 – 40% declined property values in April/May 2020 and now look what’s happened? The complete opposite as the market has gone the other way with everything going up). So start by sitting down and grabbing a pen and paper and writing it all down. It’s proven that people who have written goals have a lot higher chance for them to materialise than not, so what’s the harm in doing this. And if you’re struggling with this concept, then there’s plenty of material online that you can google that helps or you can seek further professional advice if you really want to get into the nitty gritty.


Work out what’s important to you and those around you. Only you know the answer to this. It may also help talking to a close confidante if you’re particularly stuck on some aspect. Everyone has different priorities but only you know the direction you want to take. You don’t just wake up one day and think I’ll sell up and move up north or to Perth or over east. It takes time & planning for things to come to fruition and the new year is a great time to put some thought into this. With these Covid times having a plan or contingency is a wise move. Someone I follow that has some great thoughts and wisdom in this space is The Barefoot Investor ( p.s. his books are fantastic Christmas Gifts in case you need to find a last minute gift for someone!) You may like to have a read because there are some real practical common sense approaches that he suggests, and it’s an easy read for all ages.


I’ll admit this approach isn’t for everyone, however many people I speak with that are doing well have good solid plans in place to flourish. And to finish with a great quote that I see “ Failing to plan is planning to fail “. Something to ponder over the new year. Good luck in 2022 and may your year be prosperous.


By Jeremy Stewart – Director