Recent changes regarding building in bush-fire prone zones is having and will have a major impact on properties located in these areas. These changes were bought about from the review of the Perth Hills bushfires and feedback from some people I have spoken to recently is that it will add a substantial cost to building a home and complying with in these areas. I have already had a number of clients that have indicated the extra costs being anywhere between $32,000 up to $250,000 in one particular case.

Of course, safety is paramount and that is the main reason why these measures have been bought in, however have the powers to be gone too far? and what will it do to property values on bush lots? Speaking with some local valuers they are in agreeance with my feeling that values of these properties will be declining over the coming years due to the extra costs associated in building on the lots and complying with legislation.

Being located on the south coast there are a lot of properties located within these zones that these conditions will apply too. You only have to take one look over the harbor to areas like Little Grove, Goode Beach and see bush and reserve.  So, if you are considering building on a block that has bush on then I would advise you to speak with your builder, local government or Master Builders Association to find out more and what your required to do. Alternatively, you can go online which will detail further about the changes.