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My House Isn't Selling. Should I Lease My Property?

As with all markets there are peaks periods and softer selling times. This generally flux awaits with the seasons. So what opinions do you have if your...

Market Appraisal/Opinion

A Market Appraisal or a Market Opinion should be a document provided by a Real Estate Agent or Sales Representative to an owner of a property or business...


R & H Wessels

We have used Merrifield, Jeremy in particular, both for the purchase & sale of property and have found him thorough, helpful & professional. We would certainly use him again & recommend him.

H MacFarlane

We really appreciate your kind & generous sponsorship of our Ladies Triples Event. It was a great success! Thank you.


A pleasure once again to deal with you Jeremy. Your honesty and professional approach always gives us peace of mind and once again got the right results. Thanks to you.